What better way to have young children learn about brushing teeth often and correctly while having the important conversation about teeth and wellness! (Photo credit: Chris Morgan)

SMILE MAKER: Tooth Fairy Art was an exhibition displayed on walls in the Key Largo Library Community Room throughout the month of February 2020, National Children’s Dental Health Month. We are grateful to the Keys Arts Council for support of this exhibition to raise community awareness for the need to have a mobile dental clinic (see Need).

To create the exhibition, we engaged young children using the Tooth Fairy as a theme. Participating children made drawings, costumes and co-created a parade to celebrate the arrival of the Tooth Fairy, marking the loss of baby teeth and appearance of their permanent teeth.

The exhibition was curated by Christine Golia. Others who helped create the Exhibition were Chris Morgan, Children’s Librarian at the Key Largo Library, who engaged young children in the art of painting with a tooth brush. And David “Wavy Davy” Adamusko who designed and built a 1:12 scale model of the Mobile Dental Clinic.

1:12 scale model of a Mobile Dental Clinic created by David “Wavy Davy” Adamusko (center), joined by Chris Golia, Waypoint President, and Wally Smith, DMD, Dental Consultant to the Waypoint Foundation.

Here’s what Chris Golia had to say about the experience:  “The project was a success on many levels.  Qualifying as a ‘labor of love’, it was a culmination of the skills, talents, and drive of many individuals, powered by their passion to make the world a better place.  We received positive feedback from individuals and groups who vigorously support the cause and the availability of dental care for underserved children.  Having good dental health is so important, both physically and socially, and has such an impact on one’s life.  The impact of the proposed Mobile Dental Clinic will be felt for generations of kids in the Keys, providing access and availability, and potentially, changing their lives. “


In March 2020, a booklet entitled “SmileMaker for the Florida Keys” was published by Wallace Smith and Clarice Yentsch. The booklet contains photographs of all the exhibits as well as remarks by key participants (click here to view booklet).

SMILE MAKER Tooth Fairy Art was sponsored in part by the Florida Key’s Council of the Arts,
The Helmerich Trust, Ocean Sotheby’s International and private donations.