Oral Health Education. The Waypoint Foundation has responsibility for the important education component of SMILE MAKER. Good oral hygiene and regular dental care, beginning at an early age, are important for long-term health and wellbeing. The focus will be on the power of the smile. Our philosophy is that good teeth encourage one to smile and build confidence, and smiling conveys positive energy leading to creativity.

During February 2020, TWF celebrated National Children’s Dental Health Month with an exhibition at the Key Largo Library Community Room and a day-long Family Dental Fair on Friday, February 14. Compelling displays created for this exhibition will be placed in other locations throughout the Keys in future months. Take-aways designed for various grade levels will be given to each student that visits the MDC. Aspirational posters about the education needed for careers in various dental care professions will be circulated to encourage students to think about dental-related careers. This exhibition was supported by an Art Builds Community Grant from the Florida Keys Council of the Arts, The Helmerich Trust, Ocean Sotheby’s International, and private donations.

Posters downloaded from the National Children’s Dental Health Month Web site, brought to you by the ADA.